"I am passionate about motivating and inspiring people. I'd say its my life goal. There are so many negative influences who have large followings in today's culture, but I want to use my influence to be a positive, wholesome influence! Especially in the rap world, most of the subject matter in rap music is sex and drugs and money-- to each their own! But my career is proof that one can avoid all of those subjects and still create quality content!"
Fans of Linga's music find her sound to be hype and passionate-- by many, Linga is referred to as "The Christian Cardi-B". Her flow is raw and aggressive-- perfect for a workout playlist or to listen to before a game.
Linga is bold and confident, and she doesn't shy away from rapping the truth in her music, or living out the truth in her everyday life. As a black female christian rapper, she has had to break many barriers to follow the calling she has on her life, and she is passionate about seeing others do the same. 
Over the last 5 years Linga has seen incredible growth in her following and her influence-- people from all over the world stream Linga TheBoss. This past year Linga has performed at several events, including youth conferences, and most notably a Women's Conference in Missouri with more than 15,000 in attendance. 
Linga's story is a story of redemption, and since giving her life to Christ, Linga has seen her life come full circle. When Linga was a child an older child who was a family friend sexually abused her, and though she was raised going to church, being abused hid her in shame and guilt. The same person who abused her exposed her to pornography and created an addiction in her that she didn't even understand in her youth. She spent years battling shame and trying to "fix" herself because she didn't feel she could be loved in light of what happened to her and what she was addicted to. 
God never stopped pursuing her and always put her in connection with people that were speaking life and calling greatness out of her. At a youth event 10 years ago, God spoke to Linga as she responded to an altar call and as she waited at the altar, He called her "Daughter" and told her that He wasn't ashamed of her but that He loved her. This event is where Linga gave her life to Christ and since then she has never been the same. She realizes that while she was still a sinner, Jesus died for her because He wanted to have a relationship with her and that He has made a way for her to live the rest of her life separate from sin, and close to God. 
She is fearfully and wonderfully made, a daughter of the King, called for such a time as this. She carries out this mission with confidence. There is authority in her hand and there is strength and dignity wherever she walks. SHE IS LINGA THEBOSS. 

© 2016 by Linga TheBoss

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