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 "I am passionate about motivating and inspiring people.   I think  it's one of my callings— to inspire people to live life confidently!"

Linga TheBoss, a rapper hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, is breaking ground with her dynamic sound and energetic music.

Born in Zambia and raised in Sheffield, England, before moving to Casa Grande, AZ, Linga has experienced a wealth of diverse cultures that have shaped her perspective uniquely as an artist.

It was during her middle school years that Linga first fell in love with rap music. She found a creative outlet through battle rap, and though it was her first time rapping, somehow she emerged as the undefeated champion. She knew then she had a gift and was determined to use it to spread positivity. 

Linga's musical style is a reflection of her values! She desires to write music that is wholesome and free of negative messaging. Though she doesn't curse in her songs, her music is still full of energy, grit, and hype. 

Her 2023 debut EP, ONE OF THE FEW, is a particularly special project because the features are, intentionally, all women. All of her life, Linga has been surrounded by talented and creative women who have invested in and inspired her. She thought it would be fitting to end Women’s History Month with a project that combines the diverse artistry of the women in CHH with the grit and tenacity that distinguishes her as a rapper. 

Linga writes music that empowers people to trust God’s timing, and ignore societal pressure. Speaking to the reality that people don’t have to look for the ‘easy way’ to do things; people carry the capacity to do hard things, and on the other side of doing hard things, is a great reward! Linga believes that oftentimes doing things the hard way, though unpopular, leads to lasting results.  

Linga hopes that her music motivates and inspires you to live a bold, audacious lif

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